Easy Steps in How to Stop Thumb Sucking


There are babies who reach toddler stage with the some bad habits like thumb sucking. This habit is a form of comfort to most kids and some uses it as a way of adapting to emotional conditions such as anxiety. This problem can get worse as most parents don’t know how to address this problem positively. They will usually resort to nagging and punishing the child just so thumb sucking can be eliminated. This is never a good idea and will not deliver lasting resort. For parents who are serious on how to stop thumb sucking, the use of thumb guards can yield more positive and lasting results.

If the child had this bad issue and you have tried many countless ways on how to stop thumb sucking just to break the habit, trying Glovey Huggey can be the best solution. This is a proactive device which assists in ending the habit while at the same time showing some fashion statement. The thumb guard is made from spandex materials which gives a feel like a second skin when worn. The baby will hardly notice that they are wearing one throughout the day that it is one. It is specifically design to allow maximum comfort and eliminate the need of wanting it removed repeatedly.

Parents should not resort to some nasty stuff marketed by others as an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. This can include the use of some bitter chemicals placed on the thumb of the baby. This is not just cruel, but you are also introducing some chemicals on the body of the baby. This will just frustrate your little one and cause her more anxiety. Parents should not also resort to humiliating, spanking or yelling at their babies as it can cause psychological problems and worsen the condition. The easier way to lessen dependency is to use a thumb guard which they will enjoy using while at the same time make them forget about their habit.

Thumb guard is an easy step towards eliminating the bad habit. It can be done along with some other strategies like offering some rewards to ensure that you will effectively help the baby remove the habit. It can also be coupled with an explanation that the habit is bad and that it comes with numerous negative effects. Parents must be determined and patient when it comes to removing this habit.

Glovey Huggey is an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. It is available in myriad of designs and colors which can surely be enjoyed by the little ones. It is also available in different style which can go along with any outfit of the baby and which they would love to wear. With it, their attention to the thumb sucking can easily be diverted.

When you order it, it will be delivered on a box which the little one will be excited to open as he will think it is gift for him. The package comes with a plush toy which can also be used to keep the baby’s attention from his thumb and finger sucking. For more information about our Glovey Huggey take a look at our site at http://endthumbsucking.com or if you’re ready to buy a pair of the Glovey Huggey, simply go to our online store http://endthumbsucking.com/store/