Does Thumb Sucking make your Breath Stink?

thumb sucking

Dental issues are a common problem in thumb suckers, but most problems have to do with the teeth becoming crooked. If a thumbsucker does have bad breath, it could be a symptom of another problem. However, there are many negative consequences of prolonged thumb sucking that warrant treatment in children. One of the most common questions pediatricians are asked is how to stop thumb sucking in children. There are many ways to stop thumb sucking, including behavior modification treatment and treatment with devices such as a thumb guard.

Ongoing bad breath can be an indication of numerous health issues. The most common cause of bad breath is gingivitis, or an infection of the gums. If you child has stopped sucking their thumb and the bad breath persists, it is a good ideas to visit a dentist for a consultation. The dentist will evaluate the overall health of the mouth and make recommendations of appropriate treatment or care. If the dentist finds no problems in the mouth, a visit to the pediatrician may be in order. An illness such as a cold, or a chronic infection of the tonsils or adenoids could be the culprit causing the bad breath.
Babies and toddlers often suck their thumbs, and it is usually not considered a problem, until the child is a bit older. Parents of older thumb suckers may want to consider treatment to break the habit and ensure the proper health and wellbeing of the child. If the bad breath persists, the parents will need to delve further into the possible causes of the problem.