Clearstep Braces for an Even Smile

Everyone wants a great smile and not feel reluctant to express themselves when they are happy because of a mouth full of crooked teeth. Unfortunately, it is perhaps only the rare few who manage to maintain straight and even teeth without at least some work being done on them over the years.

The most often used orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of a person’s teeth is braces. Traditionally these have been made from a dark metal which has proved to be uncomfortable but most of all, extremely visible when worn; something which has caused anxiety and distress to teenagers all over the world. For those reason, many people simply refused to wear them and probably kept their fingers crossed that their teeth would rectify themselves. As we all know with the benefit of hindsight, this simply doesn’t happen, and those that refused braces will most likely be left with a set of uneven and crooked teeth.

With the advent of modern adult braces though, it is now possible to correct crooked teeth without the ‘ugly’ factor and there are a number of methods by which this can be done. Perhaps the best known method is the use of Invisalign braces. These are now quite well known and popular but they are not for everyone. A lesser known type of brace which is certainly worth considering is the Clearstep treatment. This is a type of invisible brace which many people find quite user friendly.

Using a clear medical grade plastic type material, a series of these braces are designed to be worn over the teeth for approximately 2 weeks each. Each of these braces are designed to move the teeth just a little more towards their desired position and are virtually unnoticeable by all except for the wearer themselves.

Initially, after they have been fitted, the braces will feel tight on the teeth. This is because they are pushing them into position. Once you feel the tightness easing, you will know that they are doing their job, and one you can feel almost no pressure at all, it is time to change to the next set of Clearstep braces which will feel tight once more.

There are a number of cosmetic dentists in the UK who can provide the Clearstep treatment and if you are unsure whether this treatment, Invisalign or even the six month smile is the most suitable for you, you should arrange a consultation with your dentist, many of whom offer these free.

Clearstep Braces and other Adult Orthodontics are now available at Alexandra Dental Care of Ashby