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Teaching Your Kids How to Be a Good Sport

Teaching your children how to be a good sport is important lessons that will reverberate long after they’ve grown up, become adults and entered the world of work and relationships. It’s one of the basic lessons that is easy to overlook but can have lasting negative effects if not taught. Whatever your system, be it rewarding them with stickers, custom pins or hugs, just make sure you commit to it.

First And Foremost, Make Sure They’re Having Fun
At the end of the day, if your kids are not enjoying the activity, they’re not going to learn anything. It’s important to listen to your children and their interests from early on in order to know what their definition of fun is. If your children beg you to participate in something, that’s a great sign for something they’ll enjoy and will be open to learning the rules of.

Be Encouraging
It’s one thing for your kids to participate, it’s another thing altogether for you to encourage them into doing their best. Always offer up positive words and appreciate their efforts. Remind them that it’s not about winning but having fun. Trying and giving effort is what you want to see, not an overriding desire to be the best. Make sure you’re keeping conversations easy-going and light.

Teach Them to Be Encouraging
You’ve heard of Paying It Forward? Well this is a bit like that. Children have nurturing sides just like adults. They want to help those who need it so encourage that. If your son can aide his younger sister to do well and that is nurtured by you, he can pass that desire on to friends and teammates as well. Making sure that everyone is taking turns, celebrating everyone’s efforts and supporting one another is what it’s all about.

Share Rewards
If you are going to offer some kind of reward or prize in a competition, make sure that everyone gets something. If you order custom pins, make sure everyone gets one. If you have stickers, everyone should get one. Even trophies and badges should be distributed to everyone. You can have bigger trophies for the winners but you want to make sure that everyone feels like they’ve earned something. Winners should congratulate everyone else too.

Be a Great Example
The most obvious thing you can do is be a good sport yourself. Your children will take so much of how to conduct themselves from you. If you taunt others, make it all about winning and act like a sore loser, you’re sending the message that those things are okay to your children. Even if it feels silly, make sure you’re always congratulating others, high-fiving, leading “good game” cheers and remaining positive throughout competition.


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Traveling with Your Baby: How to Have Fun

Traveling with Your Baby: How to Have Fun

If the prospect of taking your baby on a trip is scaring you, you should not be. If your kid is newborn, it would even be easier to travel because they would probably sleep through the entire trip. You may be a bit tired but at least you can do other things like read a book or flip through a magazine.

But with an older kid, it might be more challenging. This time you will have to entertain your child and make sure they are comfortable during the entire duration of the trip.

On Airplane Travels
Traveling with your little bundle of joys should be fun if you take care of a few essential things. Consider the following tips:

  1. Pack all the necessary baby care products into your hand carry.
  2. Make sure there are enough diapers and a few shirts for when they need to change into clean clothes.
  3. There should be enough baby formula for the duration of the flight.
  4. Make sure you have packed their favorite toy in your hand-carry along with the baby care items.
  5. Try to keep to your child’s daily schedule for feeding and napping as close as you can. If you expect to stay in a different time zone for a fairly good deal of time, you should maintain your child’s routine on the time zone of your home.

On board the plane, everything will be new to your baby and they will thrive in a new environment. Entertaining the baby at the onset of the trip is easy. Your kid would be so caught up in the new environment and the unfamiliar faces that you would not really have to do any entertaining.

A thing you have to remember about traveling with your baby is that their attitude or routine will not change just because they are traveling.

Getting Settled
When you arrive at your destination, you should unpack quickly and make the surroundings familiar to your child. This will make them feel relaxed quickly too. Your baby’s favorite toy or comfort object should be nearby at all times. Bring along a white noise music player to help your kid fall asleep more easily. Also, keep in mind babies need more naps when they are traveling.

Keeping With the Routine
Your child will be more cooperative if they can recognize their routine while traveling. If your baby is accustomed to some alone time with you prior to sleeping then make sure they get it as well while traveling as they will remember such  activity and know that sleep follows it. Bring your kids beddings or their play yard that could serve as their bed. Renting a hotel crib may not be safe and sanitary. A way to make sure that your kid will take to sleeping in their play yard is to have them sleep in it for a number of days before your travel.

Traveling with your baby should indeed be an enjoyable task as long as you keep all these things in mind. A great tip – try to take trip to nearby places first before embarking on a long travel with your child. It need not involve travelling by plane. You can take short drives in the country and staying overnight in a hotel. This way, your child will soon be familiar with such activity.

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Raising Children and Puppies Together

When choosing a new puppy the whole family should be involved, the same goes for the training of the pup as well. It has been proven children as young as 3, can be involved in the training of your families new pup.

You may want to check with your vet, for the names of some reliable pet trainers. Some trainers will allow your children to attend the class along with you, if not you can teach your children the exercises, which you have learned upon your returning home.

  1. First and foremost your child needs to be respectful of this beautiful little breathing creature, which has just become a member of your family. A child needs to learn from the start, the pup is not a toy; pups need to be handled with loving care.
  2. Pups should be taught from the start the human is the leader of the pack, pups should be handled with a calm voice, which is consistent but firm. Children should also maintain the same standard of training, allowing the pup to walk only at their side or behind them; the human should always enter a door or gateway first.
  3. Make training your pup a fun time for the whole family, you will find the training will go a lot smoother and more successfully. Children should always be supervised with a new pup; the pup can get hurt seriously in a matter of seconds.
  4. A great way of reinforcing your children to be gentle with a pup is to give them both a “well done” along with a hug. Giving the pup a doggy treat will add extra unwanted weight, just as giving a child too many treats would.
  5. Parents should be aware of the pups actions, they will let you know when they have, had enough of the training for a while. Pups not unlike children can get snippy, when they are tired.
  6. Children can over stimulate a pup while running and playing, when there are too many children around the pup can get hurt or they may snap at a child, this is their way of saying leave me alone.
  7. It isn’t wise to let a child discipline a pup, this might cause the pup to get angry and do something they would not normally do. The discipline might also place a fear or lasting anger in the pup, toward the child as well.
  8. When you have visitors over, it would be a good idea to keep your pup in a safe area, away from everyone; this will insure the pup’s safety as well as the visiting children.

Bringing a new pup home can be an exciting adventure for the entire family, you must remember patients and understanding is the key, nothing is ever accomplished overnight.


Moving with Kids – Tips & Advice

Moving with kids can be quite a challenging prospect. That’s why you should consider some important details in advance. Youngsters and teenagers react to the relocation process differently from adults. If moving may be stressful for you, imagine how difficult it is for kids. Young ones need your special attention in order to better cope with the process of relocation. How can you help your children and teenagers endure the move? Here are some great tips on moving with kids.

Moving with Young Children

Young children will need you to be with them when moving. You can tell them what you are planning and show them around your new neighborhood. Take them to the playgrounds at which they will have fun and to all the interesting places for children explaining them that moving will be fun for them. In the meantime, prepare for the travelling on moving day. Get some snacks, toys, a pillow and a blanket (if you are going by car). When moving with your children, take some games for everyone to play. Make the experience enjoyable for them and you will be happy that they are feeling good, too. Prepare a CD with nice music to listen to when traveling. It could be kids’ songs or music that the whole family likes and you can sing along in the car. After the hard work during the day, certainly you will feel better as well.

If you cannot spend time with your kids when preparing for your upcoming move, you can take them to your friends or relatives – people whom you trust your kids to be safe with. On the other hand, this means spending less time with your kids. So, you can consider involving the children in the moving process. You can give them some simple things to do – handing you the light boxes or the different markers. Still, your attention will be engaged with the work to do. One of the best solutions in this case is to hire state to state movers. Always check the movers at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website by entering the company’s DOT number or name to find out whether the movers have any safety violations. The information that you find will help you determine if you should choose that company to move you and your children.

Moving with Kids in High School

In high school, children are at a sensitive age. For them communication is important, so dealing with relocation may be tough for them. Moving with kids in high school is different because you need to be aware of their emotional state at this point. You can make your teenagers feel better about moving if you take them to the new area where your next home will be. Show them the fun places that they will like. Search for opportunities for them to practice their hobbies and ensure them that you will encourage their current relationship with their friends. At the same time, try to keep them involved in the moving process. When relocating with teenagers, you can assign them simpler tasks like packing some ordinary stuff, labeling the boxes or making a list with the packed boxes. It will keep their minds occupied with the tasks to perform rather than with the unpleasant side of the upcoming move.

Move Out of State with Children

When moving with children interstate, there is one thing more important than anything else and this is your children. Moving with kids will be easier if you take the right advice to guide you. This is why what might be a good idea for you to do is to engage a professional mover into the relocation process. Contact movers and see what solutions they can provide for your moving needs. Just make sure that the movers you decide to rely on are trustworthy and reputable. You could look through some moving-related forums and review websites. A good moving company will guarantee you a safe move about which your children and you will feel positive.

And last but not least here is our final advice for moving with children. Take care of their mood – try to find positive things for them to do and experience. This will take the stress off of them and off of you as well. If you have the time to do it, try searching for a professional moving company for a safe relocation.

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Some Simple Home Security Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

There are over 2 million burglaries in the United States every year. A lot of people think that they will never be the victim of a crime but these kinds of things happen every day. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to improve your home security and keep your family, your home and your belongings safe. Burglars will typically look for the path of least resistance, meaning that they are looking for the easiest target. The tips we are about to share below will help you make sure that your home is not the easiest target in your neighborhood.

Never Advertise the Fact That You Are out of Town

When a lot of people go on a long vacation they might mention on their answering machine that they will be away until a certain date. A lot of people also update their Facebook page with details about their trip. It’s not difficult for a criminal to find out what your address is if they have your phone number or information from a social networking site. If you are going to be out of town for a period of time you should have the post office hold your mail and ask a friend or neighbor to collect any newspapers that are being delivered. In my neighborhood we get two or three free newspapers delivered every week. If your house is the one with half a dozen newspapers piled up in the driveway it is like putting out a welcome mat for would-be criminals.

Make It More Difficult to Break into Your House

Making it more difficult to break into your house is about more than just having good locks on your doors and windows. Keep the shrubs next to your house trimmed, especially any vegetation that is next to doors and windows. You don’t want to give a burglar an easy hiding place so they can remain undetected as they work to gain entry into your house. You might also want to install some lights that are on motion detectors. Whenever someone gets near your home the lights will go on automatically to make it difficult for a criminal to hide while they are trying to get into your home.

Think about Investing in a Monitored Home Security System

If your home has an alarm system installed it will definitely be more difficult to get into your home undetected and that is a major deterrent for a lot of criminals. If your home has a burglar alarm and your neighbor’s house does not, the burglar will probably move on to the next house. They want to get in and out as fast as possible and remain undetected while doing so. With a monitored home security system, even if someone does break into your house, the company that monitors your burglar alarm will contact the proper authorities and help will be on the way within a matter of minutes. If you do choose to invest in a monitored security system I would highly recommend that you research home security systems reviews before you decide on which company to go with. By researching reviews from customers that have used a number of different security companies you will be able to quickly gather information about your different options. A company that has good feedback from their customers would be a better choice than the one that simply offers the lowest price for their services.

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