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New Children’s Book Teaches Kids How to Use the Key to Unlock the Power Inside
New Children’s Book Teaches Kids How to Use the Key to Unlock the Power Inside

Jensen Beach, FL, March 13, 2014 –(– Author Donna McGoff announces the release of “The Power of Goal Setting”.

Learning at an early age how to use a simple skill shows kids that they have the power to create their own destiny. Donna McGoff’s new book, “The Power of Goal Setting”, uses goal setting as a straightforward way of introducing how to exercise the mind to think positively and correctly.

Most behavior is goal directed. Learning the process of goal setting teaches children to become more responsible and build character for successful management of behavior, aspire to reach greater academic achievement, and help draw out personal passion and interest.

An excerpt from “The Power of Goal Setting” by Donna McGoff, M.S.

“Look all around you. What you see are things that someone created. Each of those things started out as an idea or thought in someone’s mind. For example, we have light in our houses so that we can see at night. Thomas Edison had an idea in his mind to create a way for man to see without building a fire, lighting a candle, or using an oil lamp. Thomas Edison had a dream and created a goal to make that dream come true. His goal was to figure out a way to harness electric light so that man could easily use it in his home to make life easier and more enjoyable.”

“The Power of Goal Setting” will keep young readers motivated and inspired because they are engaged in the process from start to finish. The author says, “This is the gift children open as they read this book.”

“The Power of Goal Setting”
by Donna McGoff, M.S.
Soft Cover (6x9in.) 52 pages|ISBN9781629946382
Digital eBook download| ISBN: 9781629946382
Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the Author
Donna McGoff is a retired English teacher/School Counselor. She is the author of “Use Your I’s” and “I Feel Angry When…” published by WPS Creative Therapy Store. This book evolved out of her persistence in finding a way for helping children help themselves by actively being engaged in the process and solution—creating a road map to reach the destination. She lives in Jensen Beach, FL.

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New Product: Secure Messaging, Chat, Video for Caregivers and Familes
New Product: Secure Messaging, Chat, Video for Caregivers and Familes

Bay Village, OH, February 18, 2014 –(– My Kin App, LLC., Bay Village, OH Announces the release of its HIPAA compliant cloud-based messaging, online chat and video service. The portal is the first comprehensive solution designed for the 21st century family unit. Today’s family is spread across town or the country and unable to make frequent in person visits but still wants to be involved.

The apps developer saw the need for a comprehensive communication tool when trying to stay connected to a loved one in a hospice last year.

“My schedule didn’t allow me to visit in person and I was looking for a way to securely stay connected, post pictures and messages. In the world of cyber-attacks and social networks no longer private, I couldn’t find anything that could meet our family’s needs,” says President Ben Sutterlin. “I saw a need and was able to provide a family connection solution through the development of My Kin.”

How does it work:
· The system has several capabilities that make the family connection possible including; a “head of household” or personal representative that confirms outsiders request for access
· Doctors, Nurses, Home Healthcare workers can post updates to the family about the status and care of a loved one directly to family members
· The loved one receiving treatment is prompted daily for a “check in”
· The intuitive discrete visual prompts that allows caregivers and family to see how they are doing without having to ring the dreaded “call button” or stopping by.
· Family Members can post pictures for their loved one of recent activity so the loved one can stay involved
· The portal has a “family forum” that mimics the “dinner table meeting” approach where family members can be invited for confidential discussions about a loved one to help families gain input without playing telephone tag and mixed messages.
· The system does this through a proprietary secure connection of video, email/messaging and chat.

My Kin App, LLC. Is offering a limited number of “first time” customers 3 months of the service for free to help gain referral business.

My Kin App, LLC. is a North East Ohio startup that seeks to provide communication tools and services to families through its use directly by families and via hospital, hospice, and recovery healthcare facilities.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ben Sutterlin at 866-933-4315 or email at

Contact Information
My Kin App, LLC
Ben Sutterlin

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Announcing a Little Gem of a Child’s Book: Mabel and the Label
Announcing a Little Gem of a Child’s Book: Mabel and the Label

New York, NY, February 27, 2014 –(– From the publisher of the best seller The 80/10/10 Diet a children’s series with heart written by Rosalind Graham and illustrated by Katy Craine.

In the first volume of the series, Mabel sets out to bring a new member to her family – a teddy bear. Mabel’s discovery that her precious new bear has a label attached to him leads to a very interesting conversation with her wise mother.

A charming story on being our true selves without labels.

Rosalind Graham is a devoted mother and homeschooling teacher who is a dedicated life-long student of grace and compassion. For twenty-five years Rosalind has been an international health educator and inspirational speaker. She now lives with her husband Dr. Douglas Graham in West Sussex, England along with their daughter and a small animal sanctuary.

A hard cover with sewn binding beautifully produced at 9×11 is 24 pages of pure joy meant to last and be a great gift to any family, school, or organization.

ISBN 9781893831322

Request copies from, and New Leaf Distributing Co.

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Aaron Rodgers Surprises Sisters at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Season Two of
Aaron Rodgers Surprises Sisters at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Season Two of

Milwaukee, WI, January 30, 2014 –(– Season Two, Episode Three of was released today. The video is part of the project, a collaboration between Aaron Rodgers and attorney David Gruber that brings positive attention to inspirational individuals and worthwhile organizations making a difference in our community. In this visit, Aaron surprises three sisters at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Aaron chats with the girls about their lives and overcoming challenges, and the group even spends time painting together. The girls also discuss the influential role Journey House has played in their lives. Journey House is a Milwaukee-based mentoring program designed to serve children and families using a self-help philosophy.

“David and I know it is a privilege to shine a spotlight on these young people and the organizations that help them,” Rodgers wrote in a note for “Each one reminds us that there are good people in the world, and that’s a good feeling. The challenges that so many young people face today are significant. All of us can make a difference.”

David Gruber, founder of Gruber Law Offices, is a personal injury attorney and community advocate. He explained, “Aaron and I have partnered to form because of our shared passion for trying to make a difference… We had the privilege of visiting with young adults actively involved in different organizations, organizations that play an important role in our community and provide support for the children and their families. It was very special, very meaningful, very inspiring!”

Recently, Aaron Rodgers was named the 2014 NFL Bart Starr Award winner, an award that recognizes outstanding character in all areas, on and off the field. The Bart Starr Award is voted on by fellow NFL players. Like the award’s namesake (Hall of Famer Bart Starr), Rodgers was chosen due to his passion for greatness in the world around him, an exceptional role-model at home, on the field, and in the community.

Back in Season One of, there was focus on children and families involved with the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer). Aaron was ringing doorbells, surprising and spending time with amazing kids. In Season Two, Aaron surprises deserving individuals at Milwaukee landmarks. Season Two involves three unique episodes, each highlighting individuals and organizations positively impacting our community.

The new episode, as well as all episodes from Season One and Season Two, including behind the scenes material can be viewed on

For inquiries, please contact Andrea Rickmeier of Gruber Law Offices at 1-888-855-9069 or via email at You can also see the some of the mentioned episodes at

Gruber Law
Ruth Williams


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Are Selfies Really to Blame for the Upswing of Head Lice?
Are Selfies Really to Blame for the Upswing of Head Lice?

Seattle, WA, February 27, 2014 –(– In recent days, there have been reports about selfies causing an upswing in head lice among pre-teens and teenagers. But can we really put the blame on a quick cell-phone photo?

“We don’t believe that selfies are the cause of more head lice cases in teenagers,” said Nancy Gordon, co-founder of the National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals (NALTP) and owner of Lice Knowing You. “Many cases of teen lice are caused from having younger siblings in the home with lice. These teens then see their friends – they greet each other with hugs, share hair accessories and clothes and, many times, don’t wear their long hair in pony tails.”

In addition, Penny Warner co-founder of the NALTP and CEO of the Lice Place says, that once lice is detected, girls tend to not to discuss the issue with their friends because they fear it will be “social suicide.”

“Bottom line, lice do not discriminate,” said Gordon. “While we have seen more teenagers in our clinics over the past 3-4 years – lice is not a new phenomenon – kids of all ages get it and will continue to get it unless parents take preventative measures.”

While lice is spread through prolonged head to head contact, co-founders of the NALTP Gordon, Warner and Amy Graff, owner of Lousecalls, encourage parents to never let children share hair accessories, hats, helmets, sweatshirts, etc. Children should not hang coats or backpacks next to each other or place them in piles. If possible, have children wear long hair in braids or ponytails and boys should keep their hair short. In addition, parents should use prevention products and check their children, weekly, for head lice.

For more information about the NALTP, please visit

The National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals is the only organization committed to experience, excellence and ethics in the head lice removal industry. The association provides guidelines and standards for head lice removal companies across the world. The NLATP standards and guidelines provide protection to the public and continuity surrounding the practice of lice removal professionals within the head lice removal industry.


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Add Calcium to your Children Bones By these Techniques

For your children’s body to be strong and healthy, calcium intake is important. The mineral is an important element for building strong bones and healthy teeth especially for children. Children need more calcium than adults do. For children, the calcium intake methods are more specific and require more attention than for adults. Calcium can be added to children bones through various techniques. The amount needed in the body depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is that the calcium levels are optimized to enable teeth growth and development of bones as they grow. The body does not naturally produce calcium. There is need for intake methods to be implemented. The following methods can be used to realize calcium intake by children.

Breast Feeding 

Children need to be breast fed to grow strong bones and teeth. The main source of calcium for children is mother’s milk. By breast-feeding the child, they acquire calcium that is a main component of the mother’s milk. Breast-feeding allows children to acquire calcium from its natural source. Breastfeeding is also important because it allows the child to take in other minerals that are important in the development of their body. The level of calcium in mother’s milk is optimized for the child’s needs. If possible, all children should be breast fed as long as possible.

Intake of dairy products 

Dairy products are a good alternative for mother milk. Children digestive systems are delicate and unable to digest effectively some other sources of calcium such as vegetables. Dairy products are a good source of calcium for children because they exist in a form that is easy to digest and absorb. Milk, yoghurt, and cheese are good dairy sources of calcium. However, younger children should not take in a lot of processed dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese.

Processed food for Children 

There are a number of processed foods that supplement calcium intake. A number of processed foods contain calcium as part of their ingredient. Processed calcium for children should be easy to digest and absorb. These sources of calcium require that a background on the calcium levels in comparison with the calcium need of the child be made before the child is given the food. The quality of food in terms of the other constituents of the food should be considered before the food is given to a child. Processed food such as Milo is good sources for calcium for children.

For your child to have a strong and energetic adulthood, sufficient levels of calcium intake is necessary. Strong bones are as a result of good calcium levels of the child. The institute of medicine recommends that for children of the age one to three years, calcium levels of 700 milligrams per day should be given. Children of the ages between four years to eight years should have 1000 milligrams of calcium daily. Children of the ages between nine and eighteen years should take 1,300 milligrams of calcium every day. Nevertheless, Ehic Renewal is advised for other health issues that may emerge.


Making Room For Baby In An Apartment Or Small Living Space
Making Room For Baby In An Apartment Or Small Living Space

When expanding your family, it can be difficult to find the extra space in a small apartment or home. Between adding new baby furniture to making room for a play area, there are a number of ways to ensure that you find the space you need without having to move out.


Sell Extra Furniture


Make extra room in any home by selling extra furniture that is simply used for decorative purposes, between vanities to antique armoires. Although these items may make your home beautiful, they are not needed when bringing a new baby into the home. By selling the furniture, it will also provide extra cash for the first month’s expenses.


Divide a Room


If you’re wanting to have a baby room but do not have the space, use a folding screen in the master bedroom, which can work to separate the baby’s space without making everything feel too cluttered. The changing table and crib can be placed in a corner of the room for an individual area that is still functional.


A room that is currently functioning as an office can also be transferred to the living room and have a folding screen for privacy and to still make it feel like an extra room.


Rent a Storage Unit


Renting a storage unit is the best option to store belongings that you still want to use in the future. It will provide a clean and safe space that is out of sight and secures the home’s possessions until they’re needed at a later time. It’s a great way to free up an extra room to transform it into the baby’s room without feeling guilty of throwing out sentimental items. You can take a look at what some of kind of options you will be dealing with online by visiting Vegas/300082/Facility.aspx.


Hang Certain Items


Hanging items in the home frees up floor space, making it easy to move items around and create more space for a child to crawl and play. Mount televisions onto the walls and get rid of bulky TV stands that take up space. Floor lamps can also be removed before installing overhead lighting that still offers the same amount of illumination in the room.


Instead of using large bookcases that can take up a quarter of the room, use shelving above beds or dresses that can be installed on the walls, which will also decorate the home..

5 Activities That Are Sure To Tire Out Your Kids
5 Activities That Are Sure To Tire Out Your Kids


Get your kids moving and have a blast while enjoying fun-filled activities. Not only will your children have fun while playing, but they’re also sure to get tired out, making bedtime a much simpler process. Keep your children busy and allow them to feel as though they are having the best time of their lives, all while you’re preparing them for a reasonable bedtime hour by making them exhausted. Active Kiddies have come up with these 5 popular activities that are sure to tire out your kids during all different seasons.

A dip in the pool is one of the easiest, most effective and funnest ways of tiring out your kids during the warm summer months. You may even opt to enrol them in a swimming class during the winter so that they can have tons of water fun indoors even when the weather may not be ideal. If you do not have a pool for the kids to swim around in, simply hook up a sprinkler or head to the beach where they are sure to come home exhausted.

Playing in the Snow
When snow falls during the winter, send the kids out to build a snowman, make snow angels or go sledding. Kids will have a blast enjoying this white winter wonderland, all while tiring themselves out without even knowing it. Enjoying outdoor activities is one of the most effective ways that is sure to put your kids to bed at an early bedtime hour.

Jump Rope
Staying active and keeping the kids moving is a sure-fire way to tire them out at night. In addition to tiring them out, activities that get your kids moving will also help them to stay fit and healthy. One activity that your kids are sure to love is jump rope. This activity can be enjoyed either indoors out outdoors, depending on the weather. Make jumping rope even more fun by learning different rhymes and songs that can be sung while jumping. Get their hearts pumping and their blood flowing for an early bedtime.

Scavenger Hunts
Set up a scavenger hunt in or around your home to provide your children with something fun and entertaining to enjoy. The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be as long, as short, as hard or as easy as you would like them to be. Tire your kids out for the day by writing clues and hiding them all around your home. Kids can race around to find all of the clues, leading them to a prize at the end of the scavenger hunt.

Obstacle Courses
If you’re looking for a way to tire out the kids, planning an obstacle course is a great activity that everyone can enjoy. Set up the course indoors by using a variety of different furniture and things that can be found around the home that the kids will need to jump over, run through or crawl under to complete the course. If you do not have enough room in your home to set up an obstacle course, take the fun outside and use objects such as sticks, rocks, tires and other fun things to create an obstacle course for the kids. All of the running around will wear your children out for the day.


5 Great Family Activities to do Inside the Home
5 Great Family Activities to do Inside the Home

Movie night

Implementing a movie night, or movie marathon night, into your weekly family routine is a great way to spend time together. Having service like dtv, Netflix, or Roku opens up an abundance of movie possibilities, and you’ll likely be able to find movies everyone in your family will laugh, cry and bond over. Another option, if you have a gaming console, is to install a streaming service on your computer. You can then download almost any movie on to your computer and stream the movie from your computer straight through your gaming console to your TV. Try watching documentaries if you wish to learn interesting lessons throughout the night.

Board or card games

Board games, card games, puzzles offer the chance to interact with and engage your family in a manner much closer than offered through movie night. Games allow you to challenge your family in friendly competition, and even challenge yourself, depending on the game. Your family will also have the chance to learn some lessons throughout the night. It’s easy to find a game that will teach strategy development, money skills, spelling and vocabulary, how to work with a partner, or math skills.

Reading Night

For a more solitary, but still fun and extremely beneficial time with your family, consider starting a reading time where your family will leave all electronics in their rooms and meet some place quite to read a book. This can be done with each family member reading their own books individually, or to make things more interesting, you can read one book together, taking turns reading out loud.

Arts and crafts

Another great idea if you want to take a break from electronics, is to have an arts and crafts day with the family. You can easily kill three birds with one stone by exercising your creative side, bond with your family, and make neat and useful items for your house, like bird feeders.

Cooking competition

It’s always fun to make food that you can later share and enjoy with the people you love the most. Not only this, but it’s quite practical. Assign each member a different meal element and after you sit down to eat, be sure everyone judges and rates each element to see who won the competition. Another option is to each build your own mini pizza, complete with bread kneading and tossing.

Contacting old friends or relatives

Most families have friends or relatives that live across the country or even the world. It can be a fun thing to catch up with them weekly, monthly, or even just a few times a year. Sometimes this can be done via facebook or some other social network, but every now and a good old phone call can be fun. With these calls being long distance, make sure to check your long distance plans to make sure that you’re not spending more than you should..

Chocolate and children, the age-old debate
Chocolate and children, the age-old debate

Remember when we were kids and our parents and grandparents seemed to conspire against chocolate? “Don’t eat chocolate, you’ll get fat!”, or “It’s not good for you, eat broccoli instead!”, and we just could not understand why they had this apparent hatred for sweets.

In all fairness, it is part of being a parent. Making sure that your kid is well fed and properly grown is your number 1 priority, and the vast majority of parents go overboard with this. So much so that they start speculating, without ever bothering to talk to a doctor about it.

Now we’re all grown up, and we’re having our own kids. So is it a good idea to do what our parents did? Or should we change the way we look at chocolate as being our kid’s number one health problem?

Our bodies tend to tell us what is good for us and what is not, and on one hand the parents were right. Taken in excessive quantities, chocolate can really damage your growth and cause a lot of problems. Indigestions, ulcers and cists to name a few, and the treatments are both dangerous and painful.

However, this happens if big quantities are involved, and to be honest, there are very few records of children that have actually managed to have these serious problems as a result of chocolate consumption.

So the parents had all the good intentions in the world, but they were wrong. Scientists have discovered that chocolate, if taken in moderation, has some extraordinary effects over the human body, especially when it’s in the growing phase.

I’m not talking about chocolate bars, but dark chocolate which has a high ratio of cocoa. First of all, even though it is a sweet (and semi-bitter) treat, it helps regulate the blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent diabetes.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that Chocolate is made with milk, and the calcium from both the milk and the raw chocolate essence helps the bones strengthen and grow.

Chocolate has another effect, but this time in the brain. It causes it to relax, thus making the child more focused and less distracted, increasing memory and cognitive abilities.

And while it’s true that it can do some serious damage if taken in large quantities, if taken in moderation, it can help prevent a lot of gastric problems, and a lot of indigestions are being treated with chocolate as a “home remedy”.

Another great thing about chocolate, not even in adults but also in kids, is that it makes the body release endorphins. These are a kind of hormone which induces a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, while relieving pain and helping the body heal if injuries are involved. When this happens in kids, because of the fact that they are still in development, they actually manage to become more and more tolerant of pain.

Chocolate also helps the skin, especially during that troublesome puberty period. Zits and hormonal bursts, which can greatly affect a lot of your kid’s social aspects are common, and no zit cream or exercise program can even compete with the power of chocolate.

As I’ve said earlier, chocolate has the power to calm a person down, and because of the substances that form it, chocolate can also help get rid of that pesky acne problem.

Another thing that teens struggle with is depression. Chocolate can deal with that as well, because it causes the chemicals in the brain to balance out, thus taking the person out of the depressive state that he or she might be in.

By now we have established that there are a lot of benefits to chocolate, but there are also a few downsides that we should look out for. First of all, it is a drug. The human body recognizes the benefits and sensations delivered by this tasty treat, and keeps asking for more.

The withdrawal from chocolate might not be as violent and as terrifying as from other drugs, but it can put a lot of stress on the body, so caution is the word of the day.

Besides the obvious obesity effect, and the constantly sticky fingers, chocolate has some nasty side effects if consumed in large quantities regularly for a number of years.

It can cause the immune system to crash thus triggering allergic reactions and even imbalance the blood sugar levels causing diabetes. Not to mention the fact that it might power you up for about 1 hour, but tire you out for the rest of the day, and even cause you to experience nausea if consumed in large quantities.

In conclusion, if it involves senseless consumption of great quantities for a long period of time, the parents are right and chocolate is bad for you. However, if it is for short periods of time, and in very small quantities, then the kids are in a winning

Rachel Quinlan is the owner of Baby Vegas an online store specializing in children’s toys and collectible goods with, a focus on educational toys. As a mother she understands the pressures of parenthood and the importance of bringing up our children to the best of our ability.