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stop thumb sucking

We all know that Thumb Sucking can be a nasty habit to have. It is proven to be one of the more costly “Childhood Habits” a child could have. When the habit of sucking your thumb goes beyond the first, 3 years of life, you start to get the adverse effects starting to appear. In turn, your Orthodontist bill starts to sky rocket! It is easy to kick this habit, but you just need the knowledge and persistence to change it. So, if thumb sucking persists in your life or in your household, be comforted in the fact that there are many good books on “how to stop thumbsucking” on the market these days. You can find everything from educational, Children’s Books to Adult thumb sucking books. There are a few top seller’s listed below for your reference and some good ideas on how to beat this thumb sucking habit once and for all!

1. Stop Thumb Sucking – Stop Thumb Sucking with this cute, “Stop Thumb Sucking, Thumbuddy To Love” Book and Thumb Puppet. This hardcover books tells a tale of a ballerina who finds she needs her thumbs to keep dancing. It is a gentle and educational story that comes with a ballerina thumb puppet that can be worn day or night to help prevent thumb sucking.

2. Thumb Sucking Gloves – You can also find a male version of the “Stop Thumb Sucking, ThumbuddyTo Love,” collection. You can find “Fireman Fred,” who will share a great tale for your child and also comes with a “Fireman Fred” thumb puppet for your child to wear. While looking over the various books you can also find many options for Thumb Sucking Gloves as well.

3. Thumb Sucking Devices – Thumb Sucking Devices are available for your’s or your child’s thumb sucking habit. You can find devices such as Thumb Guards that are plastic, non-toxic and comfortable to wear. They are 90 percent effective and backed by the Food and Drug Administration and thousands of Dentist and Orthodontists worldwide.

4. Thumb Sucking Concerns – If you are concerned with the effects of Thumb Sucking and wonder about the physical and emotional aspects of it, you can look into the book by, Pam Marshalla. It is a good book for Adults/ Parents and even Therapists to read. It goes over the emotional aspects of thumb sucking and how to conquer it.

If you are past the point of reading a book on this and just want something to cover the thumb, you have a few different choices. As listed above, you can always pick a fun, thumb puppet for your child or even a glove. You might also notice that there are different kinds of bitter, topical ointments that can be applied or even a device called a “Thumbster,” which goes over the thumb and is comfortable and made of breathable, washable fabric. Whichever “Stop Thumb Sucking” device you use, if used with persistence, you should be guaranteed success in your quest on how to stop thumb sucking.

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