Announcing a New Thumb Sucking & Finger Sucking Gloves!

Every person who is a parent knows how difficult it can be when you child has a habit. Some children have a habit of picking their noses while others like to take off their shoes. What is certain is that parents have the very important job of finding ways to help their children to break and overcome these habits.

One of the most common habits found among children is thumb sucking.┬áStudies have shown that the urge for a baby to suck it’s thumb begins as early as the womb. Many babies continue sucking their thumbs once they are out of the womb because it gives them a sense of security. As they age, many children continue to struggle with thumbsucking and often times they turn to it when they need to find comfort. Most of the time it helps them to relax and often times they will do it as they are falling asleep. Parents from all over the world are wondering how they can stop thumb sucking, which explains why some most commonly searched terms online are “how to stop sucking thumb,” and “how to stop thumb sucking.” Luckily, there are many solutions out there to help!

If you are a parent who is wondering how to stop thumbsucking, there are some wonderful solutions to help you to counter the thumb and finger sucking habits. A thumb guard, or a thumb sucking guard, is a very useful product that has helped many children break their thumb sucking habit. Another great solution is the thumb sucking glove and finger sucking glove, which fits nice and comfortably over a childs hand and keeps them from easily sucking on their thumbs and fingers.

The Glovey Huggey is an innovative product that is designed specifically to help you and your child with the process of breaking the habit of thumb and finger sucking. It is a glove designed to fit over your child’s index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers and attaches around your child’s wrist with an adjustable wrist band. The Glovey Huggey can be found in many, many styles, patterns and colors and makes the process much more fun for your child. These gloves provide your child with a fun, adorable alternative to other finger sucking solutions. If you’re going to be breaking the habit, why not break it in style with a pair of fun and colorful gloves?

The Glovey Huggey gloves are now avaiable in an adorable new Rainbow Love dot material that your child is sure to love! Check out EndThumbSucking.comThumb Sucking Gloves Rainbow LoveFinger Sucking Gloves.