5 Great Family Activities to do Inside the Home

Movie night

Implementing a movie night, or movie marathon night, into your weekly family routine is a great way to spend time together. Having service like dtv, Netflix, or Roku opens up an abundance of movie possibilities, and you’ll likely be able to find movies everyone in your family will laugh, cry and bond over. Another option, if you have a gaming console, is to install a streaming service on your computer. You can then download almost any movie on to your computer and stream the movie from your computer straight through your gaming console to your TV. Try watching documentaries if you wish to learn interesting lessons throughout the night.

Board or card games

Board games, card games, puzzles offer the chance to interact with and engage your family in a manner much closer than offered through movie night. Games allow you to challenge your family in friendly competition, and even challenge yourself, depending on the game. Your family will also have the chance to learn some lessons throughout the night. It’s easy to find a game that will teach strategy development, money skills, spelling and vocabulary, how to work with a partner, or math skills.

Reading Night

For a more solitary, but still fun and extremely beneficial time with your family, consider starting a reading time where your family will leave all electronics in their rooms and meet some place quite to read a book. This can be done with each family member reading their own books individually, or to make things more interesting, you can read one book together, taking turns reading out loud.

Arts and crafts

Another great idea if you want to take a break from electronics, is to have an arts and crafts day with the family. You can easily kill three birds with one stone by exercising your creative side, bond with your family, and make neat and useful items for your house, like bird feeders.

Cooking competition

It’s always fun to make food that you can later share and enjoy with the people you love the most. Not only this, but it’s quite practical. Assign each member a different meal element and after you sit down to eat, be sure everyone judges and rates each element to see who won the competition. Another option is to each build your own mini pizza, complete with bread kneading and tossing.

Contacting old friends or relatives

Most families have friends or relatives that live across the country or even the world. It can be a fun thing to catch up with them weekly, monthly, or even just a few times a year. Sometimes this can be done via facebook or some other social network, but every now and a good old phone call can be fun. With these calls being long distance, make sure to check your long distance plans to make sure that you’re not spending more than you should..