5 Common Thumb Sucking Myths

You hear all sorts of truths and myths when it comes to thumb sucking and it is always hard to interpret between what is true and what is not. Here are 5 common thumb sucking myths to clear up, when you are in doubt always speak to your child’s doctor or dentist:

Main cause of a lisp: Though thumb sucking can cause your child to have a lisp, thumb sucking is not the only way children get a lisp. Many non-thumb sucking children have lisps because of many different reasons like physiological to gain attention or simply because some children breathe through their open mouth.

A learned habit: Some parents believe that thumb sucking is not a normal habit for children, that something in their short life has caused them to start sucking their thumbs. False. Thumb sucking is a very common habit for babies, especially in the womb. There are sonograms of unborn babies sucking their thumbs.

Pacifier breaking is harder: Some parents state they would prefer their child to suck their thumb because breaking a pacifier habit is harder. False. In majority of cases, breaking a thumb sucking habit is easier to break than the pacifier. Children began to associate a pacifier as an object to make them feel better as to a thumb is a part of themselves.

Sucked thumb stops growing:Your child’s thumb may become soggy but the likelihood of their thumb stopping growth is unlikely.

Thumb-suckers are insecure: Some parents view thumb sucking as a sign of weakness or insecurity. This is false, as stated before this is a natural habit for children before they are ever born. Some children suck their thumb because they are hungry, angry, tired or even bored.

Thumb sucking may be a frustrating habit for you to watch from your child, but remain patient and help your child stop sucking. There are plenty of techniques and tricks throughout this blog to help you. Thumbs up and Good luck!


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