5 Activities That Are Sure To Tire Out Your Kids


Get your kids moving and have a blast while enjoying fun-filled activities. Not only will your children have fun while playing, but they’re also sure to get tired out, making bedtime a much simpler process. Keep your children busy and allow them to feel as though they are having the best time of their lives, all while you’re preparing them for a reasonable bedtime hour by making them exhausted. Active Kiddies have come up with these 5 popular activities that are sure to tire out your kids during all different seasons.

A dip in the pool is one of the easiest, most effective and funnest ways of tiring out your kids during the warm summer months. You may even opt to enrol them in a swimming class during the winter so that they can have tons of water fun indoors even when the weather may not be ideal. If you do not have a pool for the kids to swim around in, simply hook up a sprinkler or head to the beach where they are sure to come home exhausted.

Playing in the Snow
When snow falls during the winter, send the kids out to build a snowman, make snow angels or go sledding. Kids will have a blast enjoying this white winter wonderland, all while tiring themselves out without even knowing it. Enjoying outdoor activities is one of the most effective ways that is sure to put your kids to bed at an early bedtime hour.

Jump Rope
Staying active and keeping the kids moving is a sure-fire way to tire them out at night. In addition to tiring them out, activities that get your kids moving will also help them to stay fit and healthy. One activity that your kids are sure to love is jump rope. This activity can be enjoyed either indoors out outdoors, depending on the weather. Make jumping rope even more fun by learning different rhymes and songs that can be sung while jumping. Get their hearts pumping and their blood flowing for an early bedtime.

Scavenger Hunts
Set up a scavenger hunt in or around your home to provide your children with something fun and entertaining to enjoy. The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be as long, as short, as hard or as easy as you would like them to be. Tire your kids out for the day by writing clues and hiding them all around your home. Kids can race around to find all of the clues, leading them to a prize at the end of the scavenger hunt.

Obstacle Courses
If you’re looking for a way to tire out the kids, planning an obstacle course is a great activity that everyone can enjoy. Set up the course indoors by using a variety of different furniture and things that can be found around the home that the kids will need to jump over, run through or crawl under to complete the course. If you do not have enough room in your home to set up an obstacle course, take the fun outside and use objects such as sticks, rocks, tires and other fun things to create an obstacle course for the kids. All of the running around will wear your children out for the day.