3 Lego Sets to Start Inspiring Children’s Creativity

No toy can put up with Barbie in terms of popularity than Lego. These multi-colored brick sets are not just entertaining but they also challenge children’s creative prowess. For decades, Lego is a household name, and a household ware. Aside from being a physical toy, Lego has been used in various forms of entertainment pieces like stop-motion animations and videos, be it done by studios or enthusiasts posting their creations on YouTube. Let us not forget the video games that featured Lego graphics art like Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Harry Potter franchises.

There are a lot of attractive choices of Lego sets out there that can help children to be more creative. Look around and discover sets that are interesting and you can enjoy with your kids starting with this three:

Market Street Set– This set was released back in 2007 and it has an advertised number of pieces of 1,248. It was priced at $90.00 when it was first released. Three mini-figures are included in this set. What makes this very special is the fact that Market Street is all about stacking up to complete a building. Sure, there is lots of other building type of Lego sets but they are too complicated for children. This one is not too easy to complete too but it would provide enough challenge while not being too punishing.

King’s Castle Set– This was part of the second generation of the Lego Castle series back in 1984. King’s Castle includes several mini-figures including soldiers, guards, knights, and horses. This set is highly detailed to the point that the set featured grey pieces to reflect realism. The creative part that children could apply here in this set is the placing of the mini-figures around the castle. Where will the archers be stationed? Where will the knights be patrolling? Will the soldiers be placed inside the fort or outside?

The Death Star Set- One couldn’t write a list of must-have Lego sets without including a Star Wars set. The best Star Wars set is indeed its most popular icon, the Death Star. There are total of 25 mini-figures included in this set. All the main characters are included. Hans Solo in Stormtrooper suit is also included and Luke Skywalker in his Tatooine farm clothing. Just like the Market Street Set, the Death Star set is huge but also isn’t difficult to build. Aside from that, the vast amount of mini-figures would allow children to create storylines around the ship and the characters.

There are lots of Lego sets out there. There are available in various stores, but if you want to experience the closest Lego experience you can try buying them off Danish toy stores. Lego sets are also available in every toy store in your local area. If you ever find one, try to look for these particular sets since they will surely make your kids to be more creative than they already are.

Jasper Dela Cruz is a toy enthusiast.